Our story
Here at Trees & Seas, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part for our planet and communities.
Astounded by the amount of rubbish we were throwing away with the arrival of a new tiny human, we started as a small refill pop up shop for our local community. When those new to zero waste would ask how best to start, the answer was always "the bathroom". With lovely soaps, toothbrushes, shampoo bars, and safety razors, there's always something for everyone to try and start their plastic free journey. 
However, we wanted to reach more people. From researching various brands and products we began to work out what was truly important to us. Trees & Seas began.
We started working with a family business based in the UK to design our own razor, that's unique in it's style. This then developed into researching and developing plastic free products that are not only good to the planet, but also to you, and to small business here in the UK.
We want to help you reduce your plastic, and carbon footprint, whilst supporting those who might need a little extra too. That's why, we donate 10% of profits to mental health charities. Something that is incredibly important to us and those around us. 

Plastic free

Cruelty free

Made in the UK

For all genders

Donates to MH charities