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The charity was are currently supporting is Frontline 19, who provide free psychological support for NHS and frontline staff 

Why you should join the safety razor crew...

In the UK we throw away millions of disposable razors a year. They're expensive, almost impossible to recycle, and irritate your skin! 

You don't need 5 blades that vibrate and move around. Our double edge safety razor uses a single blade, which means you can get a beautifully close shave, regardless of which area you're shaving! And because it's a single blade you're subjecting your skin to far less irritation, and it'll thank you for it. These blades are fully recyclable and the razor itself can last you a lifetime so it'll also save you money!

Totally genderless, made in the UK, and entirely plastic free!

What are you waiting for?


Making the switch to a shampoo bar

Each of our shampoo bars will last you between 50-70 washes, saving you approximately 2-3 plastic bottles of shampoo. a normal bottle of shampoo contains is 80% water! Because we've eliminated that, they are super light. This means you can travel easily with them, and it requires less energy and emissions for their travel too. There's also the bonus of saving plenty of water in the production of them too!

Our shampoo bars have no transition period, and don't require an acid rinse. They have a lovely lather, and they are pH balanced therefore not causing damage to you hair. They feel just like 'normal' shampoo

Palm oil, paraben, and SLS free. Made in the UK

Here at Trees & Seas, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part for our world and communities.
We have researched and developed plastic free products that are not only good to the planet, but also to you and to small businesses here in the UK.
We want to help you reduce your plastic, and carbon footprint, whilst supporting those who might need a little extra too. That's why, for every purchase made, we donate to mental health and suicide prevention charities . 

Plastic free

Cruelty free

Made in the UK

For all genders

Donates to MH charities